Bridgette Borzillo - Artistic Director

Bridgette Caron Borzillo has been choreographing since she was about 6 years old. Growing up, she and her siblings would recreate movies in their living room, which is how she was introduced to acting and dancing. Her siblings would create dance routines in their free time and performed in many talent shows. Her first official dance class was freshman year at Fallbrook High School in San Diego, California. 

Throughout high school, Borzillo was a three-sport athlete (soccer, softball, and field hockey), a cheerleader, on the Dance Team, participated in the Step-Team Club, and created works and performed in a county wide lip-sync competition called Airbands. These activities have shaped her choreography style. Her movement conveys a cohesive story through theatrics, athleticism, modern, jazz, ballroom sequences, and ambitious partner work. 

After high school, Borzillo attended San Diego State University as a member of the softball team and dance department. This is where she had her first taste of ballet and modern movement. She then transferred to Arizona State University, walked on to the softball team, and joined the dance department where she studied Ballet, Modern, Latin Ballroom, Improvisation and Choreography techniques. She graduated Cum Laude with a BFA in Dance Choreography in 2007.  

Following College, Borzillo became a member of 32 Flavors Dance Company and taught ballroom at Arthur Murray. Wanting more knowledge about how the Human body moves, she decided to study Massage Therapy. She opened her Massage practice in 2009 with a focus of helping other athletes and dancers.

Borzillo became a member of Scorpius Dance Theatre in 2010. There, she developed her costume design, choreography, and professional performance skills during her 7 year tenure. In August of 2014, she was in need of new inspiration and began to work with Dulce Dance Company. With renewed passion and encouragement from other dancers in the Phoenix community, CaZo Dance was established in November 2014.  

Borzillo's work has been selected and shown in Canyon Movement Shows (2017-2019), Arizona Dance Festival (2018), Breaking Ground Festival (2019), Dance in the Desert Festival in Las Vegas, NV (Fixed Perfection/Shadows) (2015-2016), Beta Festival (2016-2018), Arizona Dance West Festival (2016-2019), and Scorpius Dance Theatre's Kick-A Dance Showcase (2012, 2013, 2017). She was also a part of the Viola Award winning show, Tilt, with Dark Sky Aerial (2017, 2018) and Hungry Hearts Cabaret (2019) in Flagstaff Arizona. She is currently an Education Partner at Mesa Arts Center and a resident Choreographer at Westwood High School and Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy.

Borzillo is following her dream of owning a dance company and having the platform to show the inner-workings of her mind, love, and passion for dance. She is so blessed to work with such talented and dedicated dancers. Without them, CaZo Dance would not be as successful.

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