Alex Patrick - Core Dance Member

L. Alexander Patrick, recently relocated to Phoenix, from New Orleans, LA and is an Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at Glendale Community College. Prior to and throughout his dancing timeline, he continued to enjoy being a theater performer. Alex began his dance training with the Baton Rouge Ballet a few years ago and has since danced for Of Moving Colors, the Cangelosi Dance Project, Magnolia Dance Theatre, KM Dance Project, and Desert Dance Theatre, just to name a few. In addition, he has also danced for a number of charities, and is currently dancing as a new member of CaZo Dance Company and Scorpius Dance Theatre. He enjoys a large variety of dance styles and is very thankful for all of the amazing and inspirational teachers, dancers, choreographers, family, and everyone who has supported and nurtured his talents over the past years. Patrick has been a member since 2016.