CaZo was formed by the Artistic director, Bridgette Borzillo, in November of 2014. She came up with the name by using first 2 letters of her maiden name (Caron) and 2 letters from her married name (Borzillo). CaZo's goal in the Phoenix dance and arts community is to bring it together as a supportive whole, allowing each company's art to be seen and supported. CaZo Dance Theatre is a Kinesthetic Dance theatre Company that strives to touch the audience by telling full-length dance stories that are easy to follow and told through raw emotion. Borzillo's vision is to give back by performing in community events, working within the High School System, and travel, sharing her passion with whomever will view it. Each of the dance members in CaZo were carefully chosen to allow this vision to come alive. CaZo is currently an Education Partner at Mesa Arts Center.

Take Class With Us!!!

CaZo Contemporary/Modern Class - Monday's 6pm-7pm, Ages 16 to Adult

Partner Work with Bridgette Borzillo - Saturday's 11am-12:30pm Ages 14 - Adult

Ballroom Series (Changes every 8 weeks) with Bridgette - Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm

All Classes are held at Mesa Arts Center Administration buildings on the 2nd floor. Classes are $10 each or you can buy 10 Classes for $85. To Register and More info on classes Click Here

Hire Us!

Dance Events - We would love to be a part of your special event or if you are looking for a full length show for your theatre experience, please feel free to contact us. We would love to bring an experience that you will not forget! 

Costume Design and Alterations - All costumes that are featured in CaZo Dance shows are produced, altered, and designed by Bridgette Borzillo. So, if you are looking to embellish used or old costumes for your studio or company, or looking for something unique, give us a chance to help make your vision come to life!

Wedding Festivities - Need a Creative Proposal idea? Flashmob? 1st Wedding Dances? Dance Entertainment at your wedding? Dance Lessons for your wedding? We've got your covered! We have done all of these and much much more. Contact us for more Information.

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